About FacetCorp

FacetCorp was founded in 1998 but started producing the award winning FacetTerm and FacetWin software products within its predecessor company beginning in 1987. FacetCorp's products have had over a million users worldwide.


This success continues with the feature rich and highly scalable FacetPhone IP-PBX business phone system.  Work on FacetPhone began in 2000 during the early days of Voice over IP implementations.  FacetPhone was designed from the beginning as an IP-PBX allowing us to leave behind legacy PBX considerations and focus entirely on leading edge innovations.  FacetPhone was the first business phone system to provide a comprehensive computer user interface that allowed users to easily see all users' status, calls on the system, voice mail, conduct IM sessions and perform call control visually.  Advanced PBX features that had formally been complicated to use were now simple and intuitive.


The first customer shipment of FacetPhone was in 2003.  Since then many customer requests have been implemented making FacetPhone a very rich business communications platform.


Customers of all FacetCorp products have always received the very best in technical support.  This tradition continues with world class support of our customers' FacetPhone systems - and everyone wants great support for their phone system!

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