FacetCorp, makers of FacetPhone the IP PBX business phone system with unified communications
FacetPhone integrates branch offices and telecommuters into the business phone system

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Branch Office and

Telecommuter Support

FacetPhone's branch office and telecommuter integration is made possible by Voice over IP.  With over a decade of experience in deploying unified phone systems for distributed companies, FacetPhone has become a very seamless solution.


Just a Click away.

With the FacetPhone user interface you can see the status of remote users.  Calling them is no different than calling users at your own site.


Utilize Local Lines.

The lines at a remote branch can be used by anyone at any branch.  Least cost routing rules can route calls out a branch's local lines automatically.


Or Consolidate All Phone Service at Headquarters.

With the growing popularity of MPLS to tie branch offices together with high speed connections, phone service can be consolidated at the headquarters location with all branches sharing the same phone service.


Telecommute Full or Part Time.

Some users live in far-flung places and telecommute full time.  Others may find it useful to have a desk at the office but also one at home.  With the FacetPhone user interface just tell it where you are when you login and your calls will come to you.


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