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What is FacetPhone?


A full featured business phone system.

FacetPhone has all the features you expect in a business phone system such as voice mail, auto-attendants, conference bridges, etc.  As you will see, it also offers much more including unified communications, call center features, flexible reporting capabilities, and a powerful mobile app.


On-premise (not a hosted service).

FacetPhone is an on-premise system, meaning that the phone server is at your company location instead of being provided as a service over the Internet.  Either a Mac mini or a Linux server runs the FacetPhone software which controls the phones and the service coming from your phone company.  It connects to whatever existing or future phone service you want including analog lines, PRI and SIP trunks.  Here is a diagram of the components of a FacetPhone system.


Utilizes Voice over IP technology.

FacetPhone is an IP PBX meaning that it uses voice over IP (VoIP) in the management of calls.  This allows for geographically disperse users to all be on the same unified phone system using their Internet connections.  FacetPhone unites branch offices and telecommuters into one cohesive telephone system.


Unified Communications Features.

The FacetPhone computer user interface and mobile app both provide presence management, allowing you to see the status of the other users on the system.  You can instant message with the other users.  Voice mail can be seen visually and listened to in whatever order you want.  Visual call control allows you to manage calls on the system much more intuitively than with buttons on the phone.


Extensive auto-attendant and IVR capabilities.

FacetPhone has a powerful scripting language that underlies auto-attendants and IVR systems.  The FacetPhone system can be made to do just about anything you want to do for your callers.  Incoming call centers can be configured from the simplest round robin ACD to complex systems with multiple prioritized queues, skills based routing, backup groups, etc.


Powerful Mobile App.

The FacetPhone mobile app puts the power of the computer user interface, plus a feature rich softphone on your iPhone (not yet available for Android).  The app allows you to see the status of the other users, call them and instant message them.  Calls made with the app are calls on the company phone system, not calls on your cell phone.


Flexible reporting capabilities.

FacetPhone comes with a wide variety of standard reports.  In addition, call detail records are written to a MySQL database where you can use a reporting package to produce any report you want.  FacetCorp can also provide custom reports very economically.


No add-on packages.  All features are available to all customers.

FacetPhone is licensed by the number of "endpoints", meaning each phone connected to the system and each line coming from the phone company connected to the system.  Every customer has every feature available to them.  Even if you don't use a feature at first, as your business grows and you come to need it, the feature will be there ready to configure to your needs.


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