FacetWin and FacetTerm Reseller Programs

FacetWin and FacetTerm have always been sold exclusively through resellers.  If you are a UNIX/Linux reseller, you will find these two productivity products will greatly enhance your product offering.  If you are interested in becoming a FacetWin or FacetTerm reseller (or both!), call (877)322-3846 and ask for sales or inquire at sales@facetcorp.com.




The Authorized Reseller Program is designed to assist the reseller in licensing, supporting, training and marketing FacetWin and FacetTerm. The inclusion of these productivity products with the reseller's product normally results in one or both of the following for the reseller:


• A more competitive product in their market niche - easier and more cost effective to install and administer.

• Incremental revenue when their customer decides to buy this connectivity tool.


The Program:


The FacetWin and FacetTerm Reseller Programs provide:


• For Facetwin, a 5 user license for in-house use, not for resale.

• For FacetTerm, a 4 user license for in-house use, not for resale.

• Sales brochures.

• Unlimited access to pre- and post-sale technical support.

• Competitive discounts from our industry leading distribution channel.

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