FacetWin License Registration

This on-line registration procedure is only for FacetWin licenses of Version 2 or later.


Please note that your original FacetWin license comes with a 30-day warranty. See the FacetWin Technical Support Options document to review your maintenance options.


If you are registering a FacetWin Version 1 license, a FacetWin DT license or a FacetTerm license, please fax your completed registration form to (800)982-9901, or (972)612-2035. If you have questions about your FacetTerm or FacetWin registration, please email us at registration@facetcorp.com, or call (800)235-9901, or (972)985-9901.


After you submit your FacetWin registration information, you will receive an email message with your FacetWin registration key.


If you would prefer to register your FacetWin license via fax, please complete your printed license and fax it to (800)982-9901,
or (972)612-2035.


To register your license for FacetWin Version 2 or later, please begin by viewing the software license terms. You must agree to the terms before continuing.

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