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FacetPhone in a Law Firm

Ferris & Britton (www.ferrisbritton.com) is a general business law firm in San Diego with particular experience in high-technology areas such as biotechnology, wired and wireless broadband communications, computer technology as well as the overlapping areas of employment, government regulation, real estate, tax, estate planning and asset protection.  They are a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, a highly selective society of the world's finest independent boutique law firms.


Ferris & Britton has been a FacetCorp customer since 1993 when they began using FacetTerm.  They began using FacetWin in 1999.  In late 2004, Steve Pynes, the attorney with a computer interest (we have a surgeon too!), began looking into FacetPhone to replace their phone system.  In 2005 they bought a system.  In those days it was still quite common to use a media gateway to connect analog phones to the system and their system used analog executive desk phones connected to FXS ports on a media gateway.  Since then they have installed IP phones to take the place of the fairly aging analog phones and media gateway.  FacetPhone never becomes obsolete - you just change out the old parts when you need to!


Steve says:


The fabulous service provided by FacetCorp makes adapting the system to specialized phone service for law firm needs easy to accomplish.


Glad we could help Steve!

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