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Windows to UNIX/Linux Integration

FacetWin® is the ideal connectivity solution for Windows to UNIX/Linux integration. FacetWin includes world-class terminal emulation and complete UNIX file and print services. FacetWin is the all-in-one Windows to UNIX/Linux software integration solution, but is priced like a single feature product. Check out the features below to see that FacetWin offers significant improvements over conventional terminal emulation, telnet and ftp.


Terminal Emulation.  Emulations include DEC VT series through the VT525, Wyse 60 and 50, SCO ANSO color console, IBM 3151 and 3164.  UNIX applications become part of the user's Windows desktop, appearing as Windows desktop icons and/or items in the Windows Start menu.  Powerful QuickLaunch™ feature uses the Windows Properties sheet to set up a UNIX application with a Windows icon in just one minute!


File and Print Services.  UNIX disks are available through network browsing and/or mapped drive letters.  FacetWin supports shared file access with complete file and record locking.  Supports Windows drag & drop interface, including drag and drop between UNIX servers.  UNIX system printers can be used directly by Windows applications.  UNIX applications can print on PC printers.


PC Backup/Restore.  FacetWin PC Backup/Restore uses Explorer-type PC interface for easy file selection for backup or restore. It includes enterprise class features such as full or incremental backup, backup multiple PCs in single operation, data compression, verification, etc.


Try Before You Buy!  Download and install FacetWin and you will have a 30 demo license supporting up to 50 users.


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