Mobile Support

FacetPhone's Mobile App gives iPhone users the unified communications features of the computer user interface plus advanced soft phone capabilities.  This is the most powerful soft phone for a business phone system that you are going to find!


Presence Management.

With the User's tab you can see the location and status of all or a subset of the users on the system.  You can see their availability for phone calls and IM sessions.  You can change your status on the Control tab.  Click here for a screen shot of the Users tab on the mobile app.


Instant Messaging (IM).

You can conduct instant messaging sessions with one or more users and add additional users or a whole group to the session at once.  Click here to see the mobile app's instant messaging tab.


Visual Voice Mail.

With the voice mail tab, you can see all your voice mail at a glance and listen to them in any order you want.  Click here to see the mobile app's voice mail tab.


Soft Phone.

The mobile app serves as an extension on the phone system.  When you login to the app, calls to your extension will come to you on the soft phone.  While in a call you can mute/unmute the microphone, put it on speaker/earpiece, park the call, put it on hold, transfer it, transfer it to voice mail and turn recording on/off.  An auto-speaker setting allows the call to be moved between the speaker and earpiece automatically as you put the phone to your ear and take it away from your ear.  Extension calls are dialed by tapping the user's phone icon.  Outside calls are dialed from the dial pad or chosen from the Contacts list.  Click here to see the mobile app's active call screen.


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