Upgrading or Reinstalling FacetTerm

To upgrade (or reinstall) FacetTerm simply follow the original installation instructions.

If installing from the files ("fterm.z" and "install.sh") downloaded from our webpage, then this usually means...

  1. Be sure that nobody is running FacetTerm while loading the new version. You can check with the command:
         ps -ef | grep facetterm
  2. Copy the downloaded files to the "/tmp" directory.
         cp fterm.z /tmp
         cp install.sh /tmp
  3. Run the installation script.
         sh install.sh
    Or if you copied the files somewhere besides "/tmp" you can specify the alternate directory on the command line:
         sh install.sh /tmp2
  4. Follow the installation script's prompts to finish the installation.
Or if you are feeling particularly masochistic...   ; -)))

You can just manually install FacetTerm from the "fterm.z" file. The "fterm.z" file could either have come from our webpage or from the proper platform subdirectory on the mounted FacetWin / FacetTerm CDROM (for example, "/mnt/fterm/sco/fterm.z".)

To manually install FacetTerm:

  1. Be sure that nobody is running FacetTerm while you are loading the new version. You can check for people running FacetTerm with the command:
         ps -ef | grep facetterm
  2. Logged in as the "root" user, change to the root directory ("/").
         cd /
  3. Extract the files from the compressed archive.

    From the mounted CDROM:

    compress -d < /MOUNT/fterm/PLATFORM/fterm.z | cpio -icdumv
      Where MOUNT is the directory where the CDROM is mounted and PLATFORM is the proper subdirectory for your platform ("dec", "ibm", "sco", etc.)

    From the downloaded "fterm.z":

    compress -d < DOWNLOAD_DIR/fterm.z | cpio -icdumv
      Where DOWNLOAD_DIR is the full path to "fterm.z".

  4. When the extraction is through, change to the FacetTerm directory and run the "regular" installation script.
         cd /usr/facetterm

Follow the guidelines below and your FacetTerm configuration AND registration will be kept intact and you should have a smooth upgrade installation. You will not have to re-license or reconfigure FacetTerm -- everything should remain the same after an upgrade, except for having the new executables.

After the upgrade, verify that FacetTerm still thinks you have the proper number of licensed users. See "facetadm", menu option #1.


     1. Show FacetTerm serial number.
Then have a regular FacetTerm user try to login and start "facetterm" the way they normally would. If everything seems to be working properly, pat yourself on the back -- job well done! If you have trouble with any part of the upgrade process or any questions, please contact FacetCorp technical support for assistance.

Good luck!