Upgrading or Reinstalling FacetWin

To upgrade (or reinstall) FacetWin simply follow the original installation instructions. Usually this means:

  1. Copy the install files, "facetwin.z" and "install.sh", to a temporary directory on the UNIX system.
         cp facetwin.z /tmp
         cp install.sh /tmp
  2. Run the installation script.
         cd /tmp
         sh install.sh

Follow the guidelines below and your FacetWin configuration AND registration will be kept intact. You will not have to re-license or reconfigure FacetWin -- everything should remain the same after an upgrade, except for having new servers and client software.

After the upgrade, verify that FacetWin's license daemon still thinks you have the proper number of licensed users.

     fct_licinfo | pg
Then try mapping a network drive from a freshly booted PC and try to establish a terminal emulator session. If everything seems to be working properly, pat yourself on the back -- job well done! If you have trouble with any part of the upgrade process, please contact FacetCorp technical support for assistance immediately.

Good luck!